Cheap Websites UK – Fixed Price

Our cheap websites are available to all businesses and individuals anywhere in the UK and are cheap on price but not on quality. These fixed price websites (just £199) are actually high quality mobile friendly websites optimised for search engines and are similar quality to our customised websites which cost more. The reason we can offer such a good price is that we can produce these websites quickly which is good for the client as they don’t have to wait long for their website to go live – just a few days if we are given all the information and photos we need.

Once you have booked your website the process is very simple – we simply have a chat, find out your colour and layout preferences and then you send us photos and information and we put the website together.
We are located in Brighouse / Huddersfield, West Yorksire but it doesn’t matter where you are located in the UK (or even the world!). For full details or to book your website please visit our affordable fixed price websites page.

Kieron Cosgrove Builders Website

The word “cheap” can sometimes mean inferior or basic but our cheap websites are actually very high quality so “cheap” simply means low cost and we used the word as we wanted to ensure even those who think they can only afford a basic cheap website can in fact get a high quality website comparable with much more expensive ones. Maybe next time we will use the term affordable websites!

If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to contact us.